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Cosmetic Dentistry


Teeth can be lost for many different reasons, and it is sometimes difficult to replace them using traditional dentistry. A dental implant is a titanium screw that is gently placed in the jawbone. The implant acts as a replacement for the root of a missing tooth. After the implant has been fitted and has healed, a replacement tooth can be attached to the implant. This new tooth
can look, feel and perform just like a natural tooth. It is also possible to use multiple implants to support a denture or a bridge.


Teeth-whitening – for rapid, excellent results

One of the quickest, least intrusive and most immediately noticeable ways to improve a smile is by teeth-whitening. There are several teeth-whitening procedures available such as laser/in-surgery whitening, as well as home whitening kits. Teeth-whitening removes stains and discolouration and can revitalise a smile.


Dental bonding – for superb repair work

A well established, tried and trusted technique, dental bonding can transform your smile in as little as a single visit to the dentist. The process involves use of dental composite, a mouldable paste that can fill cavities, replace metal or amalgam fillings, repair broken or chipped teeth, close gaps between teeth, reshape teeth and create veneers that fit over teeth. Dental composite can match your own teeth perfectly and provides a superior result when compared to amalgam or silver fillings, which can be unsightly in an otherwise attractive smile.


Before application of the composite bonding agent, the tooth surface is cleaned. The composite is then applied and allowed to harden and set. The composite is often applied to the tooth in several thin layers until the desired shape, translucency and texture is achieved. It is finally polished and buffed to create the desired shape and finish.


Smile makeovers

Smile makeovers can be used to correct a number of oral issues such as gaps or spaces between teeth. Smile makeovers can also correct crooked or discoloured teeth as well as worn, chipped or broken teeth. Typical techniques used for smile makeovers include teeth-whitening, dental bonding, Invisalign clear braces and porcelain veneers